for those of you who know me not……..

Howdy all

This blog is named after this really cool buddy of mine……….panda is his name.


But mainly im just discovering how to upload pictures onto this blog

Have a great day all


7 responses

  1. YEAH! Now you’re cooking. You see how easy it is. Now you’re up and going you can add widgets and change virtually anything you want to. Nothing is written in stone. Well done. Now get your friends to do the same.

        • You just go to my blog. On the homepage, front page on the left you will see blog roll with ten names in, click on any of these names and go to their blog. You should eventually have a blog roll of your own. In widgets under links. Drag and drop in your side bar. Change what you want to, save and go to your blog. If you hang your cursor over your name at top left a drop down box appears. Go to new then link fill in the info and save

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