greatgod attempts arty farty

OK i used to have a darkroom but have not attempted any black and white photos for over fifteen years, have not even seriously indulged in photography for about ten years, but now i have a decent digital camera im getting back into it.

The problem here is the difference in contrast in the sky and the foreground which i have had to find a compromise so that i dont loose the detail in the sky (little as there is) or the detail in the foreground.

It was easy in the darkroom as you could manipulate the print manually… sure there is some software that could do the same somewhere….although i try to keep away from software as somehow i feel it is cheating and will eventually replace the effort of trying to get the natural photo correct

I THINK THIS WORKS OK…Foreground may be a little dark

admittedly ive lost the little white cloud but have still managed to prevent the sky decoming totally whited out whilst retaining good detail in the foreground



and this is just a little abstractish nonsense just for the hell of it.

Black and white forces you to think and see diffrently ,colour blind so to speak and you have to pay more attention to detail, structure, texture and light.

A little difficult to get back into that altered perception but im getting there.

Have a great day all


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    • i agree and i hardly ever edit any pictures although i occasionally enlarge and crop…….i try do get the picture as good as i can in the picture taking pocess and only publish those i like… me a purist but editing to me is somehaw cheating myself…………but im not critisizing people who do edit….ive seen some really good stuff thats been edited,enhanced etc…..each to his own.

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