the eye of the beholder…………


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  1. Lovely pic… now please can you help me with the following:

    how do you get background images?
    how do you put pics up i your header like that bird?
    how does one add people to one’s blogroll?

  2. howdy saint

    from your name in the top right click widgets
    go appearance
    there are menus for background and header …its fairly self explanatory from there just play around with picure size etc.
    blogroll i cant do as it seems my widgets are blocked
    an alternate way is to create seperate menus for each link
    go menus
    put in bloggers address by http
    name the link in the field below
    add to menu
    save menu

  3. My sort of pun, if that had been a bee.
    Otherwise, a fl-eye?

    I recall having once told a complex tale with the moral that booty was in the aye of the bee holder … The resultant assassination attempts failed.

    • hmmm …..if it were a bee it would go well…….i can well imagine the booty episode….the kind of thing that used to take my dad 20 minutes to tell……..with voices,accents,action the whole toot….most funny and entertaining was my dad………..

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