the old lady of the apocalypse……..

Morning all


The traffic lights on great north road were out this morning and the traffic was backed up all the way to benoni. Now after sitting in this bumper to bumper for about an half hour or so , I was begining to get a little bored and somewhat frustrated.Im sure you all know the feeling. I heard this noise approching from behind and as it got closer it became obvious that it was in fact some or other variant of heavy death thrash ,whatever it is that its called these day,metal music bieng played at about a hundred million decibels.What an awful racket…………….


Well as this car cruizes past ,I could have walked faster than this cruizing ,but the effect was still the same,I turn to look at the driver………LO AND BEHOLD…………what an awesome, incredible and amazing sight did I gaze apon…… was absolutly beautiful.


There was this woman, whom I as the sweet ,innocent bum fluff face teenager that i am, can only describe as an old tanie.

She had this blond,wild frizzy hair that was clearly fading to grey at the ends, large shades and these two inch long, bright pink finger nails. Im certain she could have ripped me to shreds in a few seconds. She was head banging and playing the air drums with great energy to this god almighty awful super sonically loud heavy metal carcophany.I think she could have been deaf.


It was amazing.I have never seen anything quite like it. I thought for a moment that the apocalypse had begun without me but as she cruised on by ,at a snails pace I realized that this crazy old woman had indeed made my day.


So to all you insane beautiful old tannies out there.


ROCK ON……………. 





PS……..for those of you who are not from south africa a tanie is an old lady…….literally translated it means aunty……..


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