in the mountains…..

up…..up……UP………but not quite away……into the mountains

Morning all

I have been fortunate enough to eventually find the download cable which i had put away in one of those very secure places which was so secure that i just could not remember where. Bet non of you have ever done this? So without any further ado

here are some pics of a splendid holiday in an awesome place.


a view from the campsite….i wish i lived there

this is where we are going into that mountain to a place called blind mans corner which comes with warnings that anyone going further needs to be fully geared for extreme and rapidly changing wheather conditions…….go further at your own peril in other words..

just awesome as only gods awesomness can be

the menu was absolutly first class and our humble home away from home

under the oak tree, home from home by lantern light and a little pyromania….if you look close you will see a ghost with an orange beanie on her head….no idea where she came from.

the people next door had some guests…….personally i think they were yogurt addicts….did these guys have a ball

i had a friendly visitor of my own.

 And some Pictures of our overnight hike into the mountains.To reduce weight i opted to only take the zoom lens ,in the hope of seeing animals.I have hereby traded off my ability to take wide angled panoramic pictures. Pity as we saw no animals.

 looking back…already………..going up is hard work.


 beautifull no matter which way you choose to look….the girls are whining and moaning by now but me the slave master drives them on……….cant stay on the side of a mountain forever now can we?


we stopped at one of many beautiful waterfalls for a well deserved lunch time rest and a feast.

 The queen and princesses of the mountains……….finally we reach the plataue and the going is much much easier………this is a special place indeed and an almost spiritual silence lays over everything…its like bieng in another dimension, so quite and i feel so small and so big all at the same time ……..absolutly amazing atmosphere.


we reach blind mans corner and the weather warnings quickly become relevant as a cold wind starts blowing ,it gets overcast and very cold in a matter of a few minutes.

we quickly put up our semi improvised makeshift hiking tent  ,deliberatly kept as simple meaning lightweight as possible…….. 

 Ok where was i?……………oh yes our impro tent……


and soon it was very cold so some cup a soup to warm us all up

then joy of all joys it started pissing with rain…….the camera was packed away and all our gear packed into large plastic bags so i cannot show you us cooking in the doorway of the tent under an improvised awning….fancy meal it was too …tinned spagetti and meatballs with bread………but it was nice and hot at least as it was now very wet and freezing and shortly dark. So by 7 pm we were all in bed for the longest most uncomfortable night ever.Freezing outside,boiling inside and as dark as can be ,could not wait till morning.We need to take the bigger tent next time.

sunrise was most beautiful……but the real good picture just refuses to dowmload…….so off we set on our way back if going up was hard it is not even almost as bad as going down.

what follows is just a random array of pictures.

 the lizard guy even let me rub his chin

 Unfortunate but some of the pics wont download.

and last but not least…yours truly safely back at camp sore,tired but very relaxed and contented with a couple of wiskeys down the hatch already……..yes i know im an ugly hairy, bugger but what you see is what you get


have a great evening all


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    • it was last easter time….im planning on goint toe the drakensberg again this easter but a little further south this time….not sure if we will hike this time would like to check it out and see if its managable for the girls first………

  1. this is just wonderful! going through your pictures I felt exactly like home (Romania that is). oh the joy of walking in your good old boots, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the breathtaking sights.. where was this btw? you probably mentioned it somewhere but I missed it.

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