Morning all


Im really tired today as fatties dad arrived from botswana at about 1 oclock this morning blowing his damn hooter at the gate. Silly old bugger,he was only supposed to arrive today, but he deciedes to drive through the night and wake us all up in the middle of the night.Without bothering to inform us of course.


needless to say i was not impressed.


When we eventually got back to bed i just could not go back to sleep.

Its a long day

And ive gotta go home and listen to his endless natter about each and every possible nitty little bitty aspect of fucking motor cars………………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


inlaws and bloody outlaws…….the world would be blessed without em


Such is life i guess


Have a great day all


17 responses

  1. Yet another reason why I’m looking, but praying not to get – a man that is.
    Just could not be bothered with the bloody in laws again!!
    Rather you than me 😉

  2. Hope you get some well deserved rest this weekend – you could always fake a stomach upset? Hhhhmmmmm. I’d rather spend a day really shitting than being with people I am not fond of.

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