for pouringmyartout…….one good turn deserves another…

My art medium is photography…..a little more realistic.(no insult) and this is I.

ok I know……ive never seen a picture of a long haired hippy type waffen SS soldier either.But hey it a strange world full off strange people

Have a greatday all

chatterbox?………..your choice……

Morning all

yack yach yackedy yack yack yak,,,giggle yack blah blah blah

shooewee you a chatterbox hey?

no gannad i not a chakkerbox,,,,,,,,,yack yack blah blah giggle giggle yack yack.

yack yack chatter chatter giggle blah blah yack yack



yack yack yack yack yack yack yack

OH ok your not a chatterbox then

no gannad i not a chakkerbox………….

yack yack yack yack yack yack

Well folks what do you think?… she a chakkerbox or not?

Have a greatday all 




greatdogpandaman the stud

Morning all

We have a little girl at our place for a while with the intention of her mating with our pandaman

Her name is mitsy and she is sweet and beautiful,we have fallen in love with her already

She is a typical bully ,cannot sit still and has to check out every thing

Panda does not seem interested,but im sure he will once she goes properly into heat.

He doesnt know how lucky he is,handed to him on a platter.

I think im gonna offer out my services as a stud

Mitzy is fascinated with the cats,i dont think she has ever seen them before and she is making great efforts to make friends.

Savvy however was not impressed with her first over enthusiastic efforts.

So hiopefully we will have lots of little pandamans and pandagals soon

Have a great day all

the cat in the…………….

No …its not a hat………its a log ….and no it does not ryme……….its one of my plantpot experiments that went wrong and burned through the side….but cassy has found a good use……..its now a cat pot and many hours of peaceful sleep have been spent in it.

have a great day all……….

weekend theme….friday the thirteenth……………


Morning all


13 is just another number that sits in between 12 and 14.

friday is just another day that sits between thursday and saturday.

day and night are totally governed by the sun.

the sun is for all practical purposes the god,master and absolute lord of the solar system.

earth is in the solar system.

we live on earth

the sun knows not how to count as it has never been indoctrinated to do so

the sun knows not the days of the week as it has never been indoctrinated to know so.

so 13 is irrelevant to the sun as is friday

superstitions have a tendency to be self fulfilling.

so dont create a bad day for yourselves




ok thats my input for what ever its worth


have a great day all.

at the seaside with the surfing chicks

morning all

well my girls discovered that they can go into the sea without holding my hand and they had a ball.

the beautiful one…so easy to take pics of

blondie having a ball

greatgods version of the beach.

plenty of crappy chinese trinklets were bought on the pavement

i liked these…but the picture did not materialize quite as i saw it in the viewfinder

i had to think long and hard before decieding NOT to buy this

which brings us to the fact that boys will be boys……not that bieber would know about this

and girls will be girls….it looks like she is lost in the middle of the sahara desert


and finally …margate pier. my dads fav spot and final resting place.

Im very busy these days so dont get to blog as much as i wish but im still here folks

more pics of the mountain phase of our holiday to follow soon

Have a great day all