at the seaside with the surfing chicks

morning all

well my girls discovered that they can go into the sea without holding my hand and they had a ball.

the beautiful one…so easy to take pics of

blondie having a ball

greatgods version of the beach.

plenty of crappy chinese trinklets were bought on the pavement

i liked these…but the picture did not materialize quite as i saw it in the viewfinder

i had to think long and hard before decieding NOT to buy this

which brings us to the fact that boys will be boys……not that bieber would know about this

and girls will be girls….it looks like she is lost in the middle of the sahara desert


and finally …margate pier. my dads fav spot and final resting place.

Im very busy these days so dont get to blog as much as i wish but im still here folks

more pics of the mountain phase of our holiday to follow soon

Have a great day all


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    • yes there is …….a holiday in the drakensberg of which ill be posting later…..i waved at many pussycats on my way through toti but not sure which one was you…lol……….but got a good laugh out of fatty by refering to it as amazing toti…………..

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