for pouringmyartout…….one good turn deserves another…

My art medium is photography…..a little more realistic.(no insult) and this is I.

ok I know……ive never seen a picture of a long haired hippy type waffen SS soldier either.But hey it a strange world full off strange people

Have a greatday all


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  1. Very nice. The cammo is sort of SS pattern but I suspect much newer than WW2… No identifiers on the helmet…Khaki trousers… and a gun barrel you could drive a truck up. I,m thinking Halloween costume? But I wish I had that helmet instead of just Photoshop. I like it.

    • i was looking into importing european army surplus a while back and i have a few (about 10) diffrent camos which i obtained as samples….the jacket you see is a west german nato jacket known as flecktarn,,,it was also once used by netherlands nato soldiers but netherlanders complained that it reminded them too much of the ss uniform during the occupation so it was withdrawn,,,,,incidently i recently read that flecktarn may become standard nato issue due to it being so well suited to the northern european type terrain…..the gun is a paintball gun with a mdodified barrel that has an ajustable wedge inside the barrel which bends the paint balls around courners or if you twist the barrel they bend upwards for further range or down wards to shoot downover whatevr your target is laying behind……thats the theory in anycase…work to a certain degree……..

      • the webbing you see is an interesting homemade multipurpose item…….i found half a dozen of these large brown sadf army rucksacks on the dump….all destroyed…..but by cutting and patching i remanufactured two complete and very usefull hiking rucksacks……the webbing is made out of the renaining offcuts attached to a cheap chinese harness i purchased at the paintball shop……very versatile is this as all the pouches etc are modular so the whole thing can be adapted for paintball……day hikes and mofdified according to what photo gear i wish to carry…..webbing is much cooler,more comfortable and allows much more manouverability (hench paintball) than a conventional rucksack…….

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