predators of the porch or villians of the veranda.

Morning all

I have this bunch of really old  (1960 odd)  42 mm screw mount lenses which ive been experimenting with by attaching them to a bellows exention and using as makro lenses. I had to modify the cameras dust cover to make use of the bayonet fitting in order to do this….not an ideal solution but it does work.

Now this whole contraption is really heavy and large (200mm zoom lense) ,as things were in the 1960s and is really hard to keep still. The extreme  narrow depth of field makes it really hard to obtain and retain focus. Add to this the fact that the wind was blowing and you will appreciated just how difficult it was to get these pictures.

It does however work and will be of more use in an indoor totally static role.

I am really glad that im not as small as the perception in the pictures would indicate.

Have a greatday all 


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