Morning all

Last night i was sitting on the couch in my usual palce next to the fire listening to classic fm.I like classical (most) music as it has no words and no one is attempting to put propaganda into my head.Classical music is like a journey,a trip if you like and i can allow it to take me away into a sort of non thinking thought journey.Im sure many of you will understand what i mean and would have the same problem as i in attempting to describe it.

Now they played the theme from the movie bladerunner by vangelis which i had on record many many years ago when i was still a pop hyped snot nosed teenager.I enjoyed this piece of music very much when i was thirteen and have not heard it for thirty years or so but unsurprizingly i enjoyed it just as much last night as i did back then.

Thirty years ago i did not know any classical music and would not have been seen dead listening to classical music .At the time i did not consider it to be classical music but more experimental ,avante garde if you like, synthersizer music,which indeed it is or at least was .But last night i realizd that it is infact classical music played on non classic electronic instruments a synthersizer.

Anyway i really enjoyed listening to this obscure blast from my past and i was transported back in time and remembered many things i have not thought about for decades……music is a very powerful and at times trancendental experience.

Have a great day all


trouble may be a brewing………..rapidly

Morning all

disclaimer……..i do not wish or hope or want or condone war……..but i will fight one if i have no other choice.

Well ive been reading news 24 again ….yes i know i should not read that shite but i cant help it…..there are some really hardcore comments regarding the recent murder of the elderly farmer couple………this is getting out of hand.

Ok just some thoughts and a discussion with my own mind as such…….as i see it these farm murders are now begining to look as if they are indeed orchestrated……yes i know others will say its just crime and we have the highest crime rate in the world……the problem with this approach is the fact that  (even if it is just normal crime)  the ANC  which is  the govt has, through its statments that it makes on public political platforms and its continued efforts to protect a song that is clearly hate speech, ensured that it is now a politically motivated crime. How can a song “kill the boer’ not be hate speech?……especially when boers,including one radical boer leader, are being killed almost daily….im certain im not the only one reading between the lines here. Then this ongoing radical hate speech and calls for war  from the ANCYL,  which is a division of the ANC, who is the govt and as such it can be interpreted as the govt calling for the murder and declaring and inciting war against its own citizens………..anyone got syria in their heads right now. Certain members of the govt should indeed be arrested for treason……………but no …not a single word from the ANC……scary shit people. 

So ANC i strongly suggest you wake up and do something to take control of this escalating problem. I can begin to see the day when some of you may well stand on trial for war crimes and genocide .South africa is on the brink ,read the comments on news 24 many have had enough and are willing to go to war right now…..,and our govt?…..not even a statement from them?……DO WE INFACT HAVE A GOVT AT ALL?

To those of you ,on both sides ,who are shouting about civil war i urge you to be very careful, have you ever been in a war? Perhaps you need to do some research……..Civil war will destroy any future you and your children have…I know that what im saying here will not be heard by the ANCYL as these people are so indoctrinated with rhetoric that they have basically stopped thinking all to gether……what is their purpose perhaps…..hitler youth?….indoctrinated as robot storm troopers by the mother body?……….i dont know but it seems feasible to me……put this together with the missing eighty thousand weapons of the defence force…….yes you see what i mean?

And to you revolutionary radicals… you thing the white minority…and other minorities are going to lay down and allow you to just take everything they have worked for all their lives?…….i think not…….Maybe we cant win a war…perhaps we can…remember once it starts outside  international influences come into play……their are many arms dealers who sell to highest bidder….south africa will be flooded with weaponry….many who have left will return to protect their famil;ies…we wont be unarmed for very long……..even if we cant win we can prevent you from winning……..we too have read che…… attrition….google scorched earth…….foco……..we can possibly win a limited victory and establish a homeland of our own………….start a war at your own peril

But to the minorities in south africa i give this advice……….prepare for the worst….do not iniciate anything that could be considered provacative…..prepare……build supplies…….lay down contingency plans……organise co operative defensive societies……stockpile…..prepare strategic ideas…..etc…….be carefull about loosing your patience and dont do anything stupid,……..the longer the war takes to come the better you will be prepared…….In the meantime defend yourselves and your families…….and most of all…..VOTE IN THE COMING ELECTION…………vote da so as not to dilute your power….yes i know you dont all like the da but desperate times call for desperate and united fronts.

Am i paranoid?….no not really…..remember i am a british citizen so i can bugger of anytime i choose….not that i wish to do so but neither do i wish to see my children bombed,raped,mutilated and otherwize scared for life ….many of you ,black white coloured indian cannot……………

This farm killing thingy is not random it is classic terror warfare as formulated and taught in various marxist revolutionary publications… peoples war…foco………as practiced in zim,kenya,swa,vietnam and many other conflicts. As witnessed by my self and other of you south african men in ovamboland……..we were highly and well trained  and successfulin the art of anti insurgent warfare which in turn makes us well suited to fightimng our own guerrilla war……….remember those people with there tongues and ears cut off?……………remember the kidnapped children taken across the border and trained to be sacraficial child soldiers?…………….i do

Any way to the whole of south africa…….be careful,think,take responsibliity and vote wisely….i hope we have that long.

I wish you well south africa as you jhave great potential to be a great nation….only you can fuck it up with your own stupidity.If you want civil war you shall have it and may god protect you because the devil will surely be smiling down apon you.

Have a greatday all

greatdogpandaman is a daddy………..

howdy all

yip panda man is a daddy…..nine little pandamen and panda gal bull terier pups doing their thing this morning….there was some or other complication and a c section was performed…..apparently two puppies died so im not sure if it was eleven leaving nine or nine leaving seven ….. …….mitsy does not belong to us so we have not seen them yet but hopefully we will and i will be getting some pics to show you all.

we are proud and happy

have a greatday all

the pathetic state of the nation………

 Morning all

got this email this morning and i think it hits the nail on the head…

I don’t agree with everything but most of it is right on track.






I wish there was a way that I could get to see the president of this country but that will clearly not happen cause he hides behind everything and everyone.


If he is so Ignorant as to what is happening in his own country then clearly he does not deserve to be the President I mean allowing some little snot nosed youth league member to mention Civil War this man should be arrested for treason he is inciting war. BUT as per usual nothing will be done.


Everyone wants land this is fair enough for all to want there own home and a place they can call home but NO we don’t just want land we want the WHITE PEOPLE’S LAND. When they get it I ask what are they going to do with it? We want, we want, we want.  We kill, we kill, we kill.


Has the majority of South Africa gone stark raving mad?


I am the kind of person who has never taken politics to heart cause as far as I am concerned it’s supposed to be left to people who do what is good for the country BUT clearly that is not the case here.


The only way people know how to do things is by violence. They say they want jobs but they can’t even keep there streets clean. To busy wanting that they have forgotten how to grow vegetables to feed themselves to busy wanting to think to do anything to improve themselves. I mean you can be poor there is no reason to be dirty at the same time.


People WAKE UP. I have children who were not a part of the apartheid era and yet they are affected more now than I was ever exposed to it. What does a 10 year old know? Only what they have been told and brainwashed into believing, the youth of today have been taught that everything must be given to you BULLSHIT. Stop trying to live like Will Smith and come back down to reality people we need food to live, we need money to live these things do not come from sitting on your lazy backsides and expecting the government to do it all for you.


Stop these ignorant, arrogant idiots from brainwashing you Civil War do you even know what the effects are?


No because you have not bothered going to even research what it has done to other countries have you? You think that we have a Civil War and everything will be fine AGAIN WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!


Do you know what Nationalizing will do to the country?  The government will just get richer and we will just keep getting poorer how I ask is this going to help us?


At least in the apartheid era schools worked, roads were not the way they are now, we had a public transport system that worked there was no shortage of electricity and no real shortage of food but now!


Schools – They are demanding them but as soon as they are built they get burned down, or the teachers are constantly on strike


Roads – They are been built but now we have to pay for it are we not doing this already with license fees and petrol taxes?


Public transport – The taxi’s rule the transport system and the government is to scared to do anything about it


Electricity – The government was warned but no they chose to ignore the shortage


Food – Did you know that we used to export maize now we import it need I say more, but I will we are killing the farmers and chasing them away – don’t complain about food prices


I could carry on all day but I know that this is only my opinion on a few issues but seriously people WAKE UP THIS IS DEFINITELY THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES AND DREAMS CAN COME TRUE, THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT THERE DOING GOOD THINGS BUT OUR President and the certain youth members fail to see this.


You don’t get nothing for doing nothing as soon as everyone realizes that we will all be better off.


Apartheid was in the past leave it there now we have had enough.


I don’t know if this will ever get to anyone that can pass it to the president but quite frankly I feel better.


Thank you all for your time




*** Please pass your Ideas, issues and comments on even though nothing will be done about it at least you can vent ****


 Have a greatday all


singsong sing a long……

i feel snotty

i feel grotty

i feel snotty and grotty and pooooooooooo……………..

because winter time is here

and old flu is every where

i fell snotty and grotty and pooooooooooooo…………


ok dont mind me folks.

you can now carry on with what ever intelligent things you were doing before i rudely interupted.

Have a greatday all

bad news………

Morning all

As some of you know we had to take pandaman to the vet a few months back to remove a tumour that was growing on his side.Well the growth has regrown ,very quickly, and we have had to take him back to the vet and have it removed for the second time.Chances are that this growth is going to reoccur and  this is the last time we will try to remove it as it is expensive.

It does not appear that this is affecting his health in any other way as of yet but as it progresses that may alter. He is not in pain at all and it has no effect on him yet. We will not operate again and he just has to live with it if it reoccures,which seems likely. He is very fit ,healthy and strong so i feel confident that he has a good year or two of good life before it adversly effects him.

If and when it gets out of hand or he is in pain we will consider having him put down, that is going to be a very difficult and sad choice to make ,We can have radiation treatment done but this is way too expensive and we cant afford it. So panaman you just carry on oblivious and enjoy what little (perhaps longer than we assume) time you have with us……i know we will.

We love you my boy



Have a greatday all

the art of frozen bollocks………..

Morning all

Its freezing here in my little cardboard box in the giant monkey cage. My feet are frozen and begining to go numb.Although im well layered with boots,two pairs of socks, long johns, trousers, t shirt, polar fleece shirt, armless jersey ,jersey, jacket, scarf, hat and gloves.

My body is nice and warm but its just impossible to keep my feet warm and it creeps slowly up your legs and turns you numb.Ok it hasnt reached my bollocks yet but im sure it will by the end of the day,cant wait to get home and sit by the fire.

Fortunate the wind is mild today otherwise id really be miserable.I work at an international airport so there is a big wide open space with no shelter from the wind and the wind chill factor regularly goes well below zero…it just blows right through you no matter how you dress….its awful.

I hate winter

Have a greatday all

pop star power……….

Morning all

Last night i was laying in bed reading and the girls were watching the voice in the lounge, The beautiful one comes in and informs me that justin bieber was on, Now i was not very impressed by this so i asked her if he had grown any boobs yet. She replied that he had not but that he did indeed have on golden boots.

Now this i had to see so i got out of bed and went to watch. There was ole justin looking all sort of grown up like, all be it in a kind of spoilt brat pathetic teenager kind of sense (hey we were all there once). He was singing this song that went along the lines of  “if i was your girlfriend id have big tits and gloden boots”…well thats what i heard in anycase and there he was prancing around attempting to look like micheal jackson , he even did the whole play with his willy thing which i thought was excellent. Its quite ironical as im not really sure if he actually has a willy but come to think of it im not convinced that micheal did either..

Well this morning im a little concerned about my mental wellbeing and the girls have already ragged me about the fact that i actually got out of bed to watch justin beiber… that is what you call pop star power people.

anyone know where i can get a pair of golden boots?


DISCLAIMER: this post is posted in the tongue in cheek format and all comments about being gay will be considered to be in the same format.

Have a great day all

danger stalks up on you when you least expect it……….

Morning all

So on sunday i was doing some work on the circular saw. Now i have worked on this piece of machinery many many many times in the past and i am fully aware of just how dangerous it is. Quite frankly this machine is a totally merciless bitch that has no respect at all and she will take of your hand in a second without you even knowing it has happened.These machines have maimed thousands of people who have much more skill and experience than i do.

Now knowing this i am of course very carefull and follow all safety rules  (things like never move your hand over the top of the blade etc)  and operate in a state of total awarness and every move i make is consciously  thought out before i make it.

I was working for about an hour like this on sunday and all of a sudden ,i am not really sure what happened, but for some reason the blade jammed onto this piece of wood and threw it back at me with a huge amount of force.Now this all happened in a split second without any warning…..on the way back this piece of wood bashed me on the thumb……..very hard.

now this is very dangerous as if you are not in control of that piece of wood as it flies through the air there is a good chance that your hands could get thrown onto the blade,the force that this piece of wood came back at was increadibly powerful.

This was extremly painfull and for that split second before i looked i had these thoughts in my head that now i was in deep shit.It is incredible how many thoughts can run through your head in such a short time span,and that heart wrenching feeling in your chest that almost makes you cry…..needless to say i was very relieved about a second later when i looked down and discovered that i had in fact not cut any of my fingers off………horrible experience.

I stopped working immediatly as i was a little in shock. I have not turned the saw on again since as i am now a little fearfull of it.I know this is silly bub a good lesson and i shall treat her with a little greater respect next time i use her.I think over time all people become a little complacent.

My thumb and wrist is very bruised,cut and swollen and it was very painfull but thank god is not seriously injured.So to all of you who operate these machines let my lucky episode be a lesson, do not take the machine for granted, DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT and never allow your awareness of the danger leave you……take care and dont loose your hands.

I am a lucky man.

Have a greatday all

we rock…………..rock on.

Morning all

So a couple of months back whilst out shopping the girls asked me if they could buy a game for the xbox to which i agreed and as i was otherwize engaged  i let them choose what they wanted .Now i was not paying attention so when we got home i was pleasantly surprized when i saw that they had chosen the beatles rock band game. But the only problem is that you need additional items to play this game (microphone or guitar hero) ,which of course we dont have. I still have not decieded if the girls were unaware of this fact or if they deliberatly led me down the garden path.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and promised them that someday we would buy a microphone or a guitar,silly me. Anyway recently the beautiful one dug out this game and fatty made sure that i held good on my promise.

So this weekend we went to try and buy a guitar hero ,which is not really all that easy to find at all AND WE COULD NOT FIND ONE ANYWHERE, but at this one place they had this whole band hero thingy which consists of microphone,guitar and drums. Ok more expensive than i wished to spend but i bought it in anycase and im jolly glad that i did.

I set it all up on sunday afternoon and suprizingly it was really easy, a READY TO USE, computer product that was actually as advertized ,the first one ever,which is a good thing as computers and i are not really compatible.I hate the things.. We, that be the girls and i ,had an absolute blast and made an absolute racket round our place on sunday afternoon with the beatles (more like the banshees) blasting the airwaves very loudly. Absolutly wonderful fun. I did not have very much time though as i had other things to do (almost cutting my thumb of on the circular saw, but thats a diffrent story) but i cant wait for this weekend.

It has become alarmingly apparent that both my girls are totally tone deaf and have absolutly no co ordination at all but they make up for lack of skill with great enthusiasm.

Now me….well i sing rather  well,  find the guitar extremly boring but the drums are an absolute blast so i guess im gonna be ringo from here on, I actually prefer lennon so i guess ill have to morph john into a drummer.

ROCK ON  and have a greatday all