we rock…………..rock on.

Morning all

So a couple of months back whilst out shopping the girls asked me if they could buy a game for the xbox to which i agreed and as i was otherwize engaged  i let them choose what they wanted .Now i was not paying attention so when we got home i was pleasantly surprized when i saw that they had chosen the beatles rock band game. But the only problem is that you need additional items to play this game (microphone or guitar hero) ,which of course we dont have. I still have not decieded if the girls were unaware of this fact or if they deliberatly led me down the garden path.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and promised them that someday we would buy a microphone or a guitar,silly me. Anyway recently the beautiful one dug out this game and fatty made sure that i held good on my promise.

So this weekend we went to try and buy a guitar hero ,which is not really all that easy to find at all AND WE COULD NOT FIND ONE ANYWHERE, but at this one place they had this whole band hero thingy which consists of microphone,guitar and drums. Ok more expensive than i wished to spend but i bought it in anycase and im jolly glad that i did.

I set it all up on sunday afternoon and suprizingly it was really easy, a READY TO USE, computer product that was actually as advertized ,the first one ever,which is a good thing as computers and i are not really compatible.I hate the things.. We, that be the girls and i ,had an absolute blast and made an absolute racket round our place on sunday afternoon with the beatles (more like the banshees) blasting the airwaves very loudly. Absolutly wonderful fun. I did not have very much time though as i had other things to do (almost cutting my thumb of on the circular saw, but thats a diffrent story) but i cant wait for this weekend.

It has become alarmingly apparent that both my girls are totally tone deaf and have absolutly no co ordination at all but they make up for lack of skill with great enthusiasm.

Now me….well i sing rather  well,  find the guitar extremly boring but the drums are an absolute blast so i guess im gonna be ringo from here on, I actually prefer lennon so i guess ill have to morph john into a drummer.

ROCK ON  and have a greatday all


6 responses

    • i agree……we have a lot of fun at our home…..its strange though the home made games without spending money ..like zombies …last a lot longer……but they are really exited about the whole singing drumming, guitar thing…….

  1. Sounds awesome! I have one of those Wii thingys in a box somewhere. Belonged to the ex.
    I suppose if I did have someone to play it with it would be in use, but alas, the mistress of the house does SO not give a whisker for it!
    Please let me know how I can contact you to get that shirt from you. Tx. Xxx

    • yes for sure…but we have it now so we will enjoy it…..ive started going for second hand games too…….i got a real cool one called frontlines a while back and its really cool……………addictive and once you start you cant stop tioll its finished……………for this reason i seldom play games

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