danger stalks up on you when you least expect it……….

Morning all

So on sunday i was doing some work on the circular saw. Now i have worked on this piece of machinery many many many times in the past and i am fully aware of just how dangerous it is. Quite frankly this machine is a totally merciless bitch that has no respect at all and she will take of your hand in a second without you even knowing it has happened.These machines have maimed thousands of people who have much more skill and experience than i do.

Now knowing this i am of course very carefull and follow all safety rules  (things like never move your hand over the top of the blade etc)  and operate in a state of total awarness and every move i make is consciously  thought out before i make it.

I was working for about an hour like this on sunday and all of a sudden ,i am not really sure what happened, but for some reason the blade jammed onto this piece of wood and threw it back at me with a huge amount of force.Now this all happened in a split second without any warning…..on the way back this piece of wood bashed me on the thumb……..very hard.

now this is very dangerous as if you are not in control of that piece of wood as it flies through the air there is a good chance that your hands could get thrown onto the blade,the force that this piece of wood came back at was increadibly powerful.

This was extremly painfull and for that split second before i looked i had these thoughts in my head that now i was in deep shit.It is incredible how many thoughts can run through your head in such a short time span,and that heart wrenching feeling in your chest that almost makes you cry…..needless to say i was very relieved about a second later when i looked down and discovered that i had in fact not cut any of my fingers off………horrible experience.

I stopped working immediatly as i was a little in shock. I have not turned the saw on again since as i am now a little fearfull of it.I know this is silly bub a good lesson and i shall treat her with a little greater respect next time i use her.I think over time all people become a little complacent.

My thumb and wrist is very bruised,cut and swollen and it was very painfull but thank god is not seriously injured.So to all of you who operate these machines let my lucky episode be a lesson, do not take the machine for granted, DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT and never allow your awareness of the danger leave you……take care and dont loose your hands.

I am a lucky man.

Have a greatday all


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  1. Hear, hear! Machines are dangerous and definitely not toys to be treated with disdain. They bite when careless and least expecting it. I had a piece of wood come back at me and crack a rib. NEVER become complacent

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