pop star power……….

Morning all

Last night i was laying in bed reading and the girls were watching the voice in the lounge, The beautiful one comes in and informs me that justin bieber was on, Now i was not very impressed by this so i asked her if he had grown any boobs yet. She replied that he had not but that he did indeed have on golden boots.

Now this i had to see so i got out of bed and went to watch. There was ole justin looking all sort of grown up like, all be it in a kind of spoilt brat pathetic teenager kind of sense (hey we were all there once). He was singing this song that went along the lines of  “if i was your girlfriend id have big tits and gloden boots”…well thats what i heard in anycase and there he was prancing around attempting to look like micheal jackson , he even did the whole play with his willy thing which i thought was excellent. Its quite ironical as im not really sure if he actually has a willy but come to think of it im not convinced that micheal did either..

Well this morning im a little concerned about my mental wellbeing and the girls have already ragged me about the fact that i actually got out of bed to watch justin beiber…..now that is what you call pop star power people.

anyone know where i can get a pair of golden boots?


DISCLAIMER: this post is posted in the tongue in cheek format and all comments about being gay will be considered to be in the same format.

Have a great day all


10 responses

  1. Fortunately for friends like you, I have Dr Phil on speed dial for just such emergencies. Expect his call this pm. If he doesn’t phone take three Syndol and two slabs of Brooklax. Your system needs cleansing 🙂

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