bad news………

Morning all

As some of you know we had to take pandaman to the vet a few months back to remove a tumour that was growing on his side.Well the growth has regrown ,very quickly, and we have had to take him back to the vet and have it removed for the second time.Chances are that this growth is going to reoccur and  this is the last time we will try to remove it as it is expensive.

It does not appear that this is affecting his health in any other way as of yet but as it progresses that may alter. He is not in pain at all and it has no effect on him yet. We will not operate again and he just has to live with it if it reoccures,which seems likely. He is very fit ,healthy and strong so i feel confident that he has a good year or two of good life before it adversly effects him.

If and when it gets out of hand or he is in pain we will consider having him put down, that is going to be a very difficult and sad choice to make ,We can have radiation treatment done but this is way too expensive and we cant afford it. So panaman you just carry on oblivious and enjoy what little (perhaps longer than we assume) time you have with us……i know we will.

We love you my boy



Have a greatday all


21 responses

  1. Hey man!

    Sorry to hear the bad news.

    It is very sad when things like this happen. I love my two dogs as if they were my children but I can only afford so many vet bills until you have to make that choice.

    I hope there is a best case scenario where Pandaman has a good couple of healthy years ahead!

  2. Beautiful pooch. I know what you are going through. Had similar with our previous Boxer – mastek cancer – had various ops and at eight also chemo. He pulled another three years after that, but sadly at eleven got what so many old large dogs get – the stomach starts turning. Had to have him put permanently to sleep on Christmas Day four years ago.

  3. our dashchund is such a huge part of our family… I got goosies reading your post and really feel for you.
    The photos are so stunning… especially the water one – what a magnificent animal
    BIG hugs to your pandaman

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