singsong sing a long……

i feel snotty

i feel grotty

i feel snotty and grotty and pooooooooooo……………..

because winter time is here

and old flu is every where

i fell snotty and grotty and pooooooooooooo…………


ok dont mind me folks.

you can now carry on with what ever intelligent things you were doing before i rudely interupted.

Have a greatday all


16 responses

  1. Sniffles and snot is all I got
    And never the twain shall meet
    I sniffle and snot and sneeze a lot
    And really I’m feeling quite vrot…….

  2. Me too. I’m so sneezy that I hardly can believe it’s true. Hear the coughing girl in the room upstairs. What can that hoarse, hacking sound be e? Such a sniffy nose, such a phlegmy throat, such a bright red nose, such a fluee meeee!
    Get better soon, ggp. 😉

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