the pathetic state of the nation………

 Morning all

got this email this morning and i think it hits the nail on the head…

I don’t agree with everything but most of it is right on track.






I wish there was a way that I could get to see the president of this country but that will clearly not happen cause he hides behind everything and everyone.


If he is so Ignorant as to what is happening in his own country then clearly he does not deserve to be the President I mean allowing some little snot nosed youth league member to mention Civil War this man should be arrested for treason he is inciting war. BUT as per usual nothing will be done.


Everyone wants land this is fair enough for all to want there own home and a place they can call home but NO we don’t just want land we want the WHITE PEOPLE’S LAND. When they get it I ask what are they going to do with it? We want, we want, we want.  We kill, we kill, we kill.


Has the majority of South Africa gone stark raving mad?


I am the kind of person who has never taken politics to heart cause as far as I am concerned it’s supposed to be left to people who do what is good for the country BUT clearly that is not the case here.


The only way people know how to do things is by violence. They say they want jobs but they can’t even keep there streets clean. To busy wanting that they have forgotten how to grow vegetables to feed themselves to busy wanting to think to do anything to improve themselves. I mean you can be poor there is no reason to be dirty at the same time.


People WAKE UP. I have children who were not a part of the apartheid era and yet they are affected more now than I was ever exposed to it. What does a 10 year old know? Only what they have been told and brainwashed into believing, the youth of today have been taught that everything must be given to you BULLSHIT. Stop trying to live like Will Smith and come back down to reality people we need food to live, we need money to live these things do not come from sitting on your lazy backsides and expecting the government to do it all for you.


Stop these ignorant, arrogant idiots from brainwashing you Civil War do you even know what the effects are?


No because you have not bothered going to even research what it has done to other countries have you? You think that we have a Civil War and everything will be fine AGAIN WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!


Do you know what Nationalizing will do to the country?  The government will just get richer and we will just keep getting poorer how I ask is this going to help us?


At least in the apartheid era schools worked, roads were not the way they are now, we had a public transport system that worked there was no shortage of electricity and no real shortage of food but now!


Schools – They are demanding them but as soon as they are built they get burned down, or the teachers are constantly on strike


Roads – They are been built but now we have to pay for it are we not doing this already with license fees and petrol taxes?


Public transport – The taxi’s rule the transport system and the government is to scared to do anything about it


Electricity – The government was warned but no they chose to ignore the shortage


Food – Did you know that we used to export maize now we import it need I say more, but I will we are killing the farmers and chasing them away – don’t complain about food prices


I could carry on all day but I know that this is only my opinion on a few issues but seriously people WAKE UP THIS IS DEFINITELY THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES AND DREAMS CAN COME TRUE, THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT THERE DOING GOOD THINGS BUT OUR President and the certain youth members fail to see this.


You don’t get nothing for doing nothing as soon as everyone realizes that we will all be better off.


Apartheid was in the past leave it there now we have had enough.


I don’t know if this will ever get to anyone that can pass it to the president but quite frankly I feel better.


Thank you all for your time




*** Please pass your Ideas, issues and comments on even though nothing will be done about it at least you can vent ****


 Have a greatday all



2 responses

    • howdy ad…indeed….paradise defiled by stupidity…….dont these people realize that a govt that can provide you with everything you need (which the govt cant) can just as easily take away everything that you have……..clearly not.
      as for civil war …….do they really have the backbone for a syria type affair?……….i think not.

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