Morning all

Last night i was sitting on the couch in my usual palce next to the fire listening to classic fm.I like classical (most) music as it has no words and no one is attempting to put propaganda into my head.Classical music is like a journey,a trip if you like and i can allow it to take me away into a sort of non thinking thought journey.Im sure many of you will understand what i mean and would have the same problem as i in attempting to describe it.

Now they played the theme from the movie bladerunner by vangelis which i had on record many many years ago when i was still a pop hyped snot nosed teenager.I enjoyed this piece of music very much when i was thirteen and have not heard it for thirty years or so but unsurprizingly i enjoyed it just as much last night as i did back then.

Thirty years ago i did not know any classical music and would not have been seen dead listening to classical music .At the time i did not consider it to be classical music but more experimental ,avante garde if you like, synthersizer music,which indeed it is or at least was .But last night i realizd that it is infact classical music played on non classic electronic instruments a synthersizer.

Anyway i really enjoyed listening to this obscure blast from my past and i was transported back in time and remembered many things i have not thought about for decades……music is a very powerful and at times trancendental experience.

Have a great day all



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  1. It’s always lovely to hear music from days gone by.
    I still have loads of LP’s, but no record player anymore. One day I’ll have some of the more important ones converted to cd’s. One thing that will get me active doing housework is for me to play the cd’s that have a children’s choir singing familiar kiddie songs from my Dutch youth. Then I will belt out the songs 🙂

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