bloody grusome………….

Howdy all

Well it seems that on friday the little dog next door dug a hole under the garden wall and entered our back garden.This was a big mistake as pandaman has indeed killed this little dog. The guy next door was at our gate on friday evening asking if we had found his dog as he had seen that a hole had been dug and his dog was missing. I think he already knew the worst.

I went out into the garden with a torch and what i found was not very pleasant to say the least. It was horrible having to tell the him the bad news.I am a little dissapointed with panda as i never thought he had such a violent streak in him…just goes to show……But i cant blame or be cross with him because as as far as he is concerned the other dog is an intruder and i think tammy may be coming on heat.

Hope i never end up on a bull terriers bad side

I buried the dog in the garden and covered it with a large stone.

Im still a little shocked.

have a greatday all


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  1. That is the sad, and bad, part of having a bull terrier.
    My brother had two of them, but one had to be put down as he had bitten his stepson badly just because the dog got a fright when the boy walked into the room unexpectedly.

    • on the whole panda is very much in control of himself…..of course we were not there so we have no idea what actually went down apart from the fact that the little dog dug a hole and entered pandas domain……foolish….especially as pandas woman lives in the same back garden…we have no idea how agressive the little guy was………….i could well imagine some humans killing for less……….

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