hot dog diggity dog………..

Howdy all

Well last night we were in one of the fancy type malls on the east rand. Now i dont get into theses places all that often so it was quite interesting for about five minutes or so until id finished looking at the camping (very expensive) shop and the xbox games. After that it all becomes much of a muchness of womans clothing and shoes.

But it was fatties birthday and we went for a meal and had a great time. The kids and us all went on one of those 4d rollercoaster simulator thingys…..good fun …and the girls wont stop talking about it . A good time was had. Thanks to sam for joining us …it was great to meet you and we enjoyed your company….now you know were a bunch of loonies ….so all is well.

Anyway we passed this take away eating establishment and there was this sign that said “get your hot dog in one minute or its free”…..?????????……….i mean???????….WTF people. What kind of a prick cant wait one minute for his meal, snack or whatever else you call this kind of pseudo food crap.

Then it got me thinking to what kind of asshole must run this establishment and how demented you would have to be to percieve this concept. I envision this sadistic corporate pretty boy type drilling his staff with a whip to force them to conform to this one minute hot dog shyte .Damn i bet he or she runs competitions to establish who  the record quick hot dog maker is.absurd.

Perhaps we should include this in the olympics. 

mind boggling

Have a greatday all


23 responses

  1. That 4D roller-coaster thingy! Wow!
    And thank you for an awesome evening. Was great to meet you and your family, and i don’t think that you are all a bunch of loonies!! 🙂 Fun people having a fun time!
    I heard of that Hot Dog Eating Contest thingy on the radio this morning. One word: URGH!!!

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