domestic violence……………

Morning all

Well this morning was a real humdinger.The girls woke up in this super bitching mode and were at each others throats from the moment they opened their eyes. Non stop petty whining and bitching about absolute trivial and non existant crap.Now i am not exactly what you would call a morning person so hearing this from the second that i open my eyes does not bode well for the day ahead.

But i handled it all rather smoothly despite repeated warning to the girls and eventually i got them into the back of the van without incident. Now i could see them in the rear view mirror bitching and fighting with each other all the way to school, but i could not hear it so it did not bother me.

Now once we got to school a fight broke out as they were attempting to exit the back of the van,Lots of pushing and shoving and whatnot with the result that neither can exit the van.This is when my cool finally heated up and i stormed around the back and gave them both a good tongue lashing and a token slap on the cheek for good measure.They were not amused…..but then again neither was i.

Now before all you superdooper liberal types jump on your bandwagon and attempt to crucify me for “gross bodily physical violence to children” or what other claptrap you care to call it ,let me remaind you that my mojo got of to a bad bojo this morning and you can consider this as your own very personal token slap on the cheek.You will not succeed in crucifying me as i am not as pacifistic as that other guy that got crucified and injuries could well occure.besides if you did manage to get me up on that cross just remember that i am greatgodpan and am therefore immortal so you would be wasting your time in anycase……………and for those of you who are a little slow on the uptake (religious come to mind here) i suggest you google “tongue in cheeek ” in regard to this paragraph

So i have decieded that the girls will not be spending this weekend at their big sisters house having a good time as they are expecting..instead they shall be spending the weekend doing some dirty,smelly hard working chores….cleaning,sweeping and washing out the courtyard and front porch…there are two vans that could do with a wash…some washing to be hung up…and if all does not go well im sure there is some dogshit to take care of. I shall be playing sargent major and may even dress up for the role…..silly moustache which i can fashion out of wool , pillow in my shirt for the fat belly,ill find some or other hat to wear and im certain i can find a makeshift swagger stick… im having fun already…….yes i know im a sadist…..remember google is your friend

There is nothing quite like a little work and elbow grease to instil a little bit of the waning respect and disipline that children need from time to time. RESPECT AND APPRECIATION IS THE ANSWER PEOPLE.

Have a greatday and an even better weekend all


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    • yes for sure roly,,,,,,,despite my post im actually a very fair and easy going person and sometimes the girls forget their place in the larger scheme of things….it happens gradualy by degrees which are clearly noticable…….i let it slide until a point and then its thunder and lightning time……..its is now time….

    • it is very hard to keep track of people here……….but it really does not matter because its so big and so very interesting that i talk to diffrent people from all over the world everyday…..many i dont see or hear again …some i do…some i come across again later……its truely international and has a lot more to offer than just malema and the fucking anc ……

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