of bathing beauties,lorries and lollipops……

Morning all

I intended to just post a few pictures this morning but things have sort of evolved since then.

so here they are …the pictures that is.

arnt they  beautiful……….

despite the fact that they all appear to be growing beards and mustaches…..

and nothing is quite as cool as drying off in front of the fireplace.

and of course sleepyness is not far behind

cheeky little wench

and now to the ad hoc bit

This morning on the way to work there was some delay that was caused by a lorry that had broken down.

Now sitting in gridlock is boring as hell and the mention of the word lorry got fatty and i going on that whole red lorry,yellow lorry red lorry yellow lorry thing……this quickly morphed into

lollipop.lollipop.ohhh lolly lolly lolly lollipop

which in turn has now lodged itself into my mind for the rest of the day in this form

my girl lollipop a oooh oooh  ahhhh haaa

you are my hearts desire a ooh ohh ahhhh haaa

my girl lillipop a oooh ooh ahhh haaa

you set my heart on fire a oooh ooh ahh haaa

oh my girl lollipop

weird what your mind does to amuse itself in traffic and it is clear that gridlock is a great time for getting shyte to write (hell it even rymes)  on your blog.

so have a great lolli sucking day all and remember……….


greatgodpan is watching you…..ooohh oohhhh ahhhh haaaaa


22 responses

  1. So here are ALL the words and you can sing it ALL day long!!
    Sung by Millie Small – whoever she may be.

    My boy Lollipop
    You make my heart go giddyup
    You are as sweet as candy
    You’re my sugar dandy

    Whoa oh, my boy Lollipop
    Never ever leave me
    Because it would grieve me
    My heart told me so

    I love you, I love you, I love you so
    But I don’t want you to know
    I need you, I need you, I need you so
    And I’ll never let you go

    My boy Lollipop
    You make my heart go giddyup
    You set the world on fire
    You are my one desire
    Whoa, my Lollipop

    • i have a canon 1000d which is not all that fancy…its basically an entry level digital single lens reflex ………i also have an additional sigma 70-300……zoom lens which is also lower end of the lens market……im looking at 500mm lens but cant afford it right now…lower end is about 12000 rand……higher end is hundreds of thousands………i also have a lot of old unelectronic lenses that were made in the sixties which ive adapted and readapt continually……the eye pic was taken with one of these attached to a bellow ext…..i have some talent and experience too……i worked as a portrait photographer for a short while (2 years) long ago and have run my own black and white darkroom……

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