pictorial experimentation……….and laziness.

Howdy all

Im A little lazy today so i have resorted to reblogging some of my older pics that i have published previously on my other now  defunked blog.I think they are well worth showing you all again.

and no picture collection would be complete without my boy

This is my all time favorite picture.it captures the essence of his personality perfectly.

and just a warning…..if you come across this weird creature in a dark alleyway ……run like hell

Have a greatday and and even better weekend all


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    • we no longer have the parrot…..bobby….we were actually looking after him on behalf of my step daughter as they had no fixed abode at the time…we had him about 18 months……yes he ruled with overwhelming noise……….i liked him but birds are not really my thing as pets go…..messy….full of shit…difficult and insanly noisy……….as you may be aware i hate noise.

    • my step daughter….yes the pics are good ….but i have fiddled with them a little by enlarging and slightly altering the colours and sturation etc…the focus is a little soft in some of them….ill do more experimenting it the spring as i have a new toy that i have built out of old lenses which ive been tweaking and its getting quite good….the foto of the eye in my last post was taken handheld with it…im pleased……im a purist and when the pictures reach the above level without any digital editing they will be good enough for national geographic…..

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