Howdy all

I have not blogged at all this week as i have been battlling to sleep and feel like the living dead which is not very inspirational. But i have to at least do one blog this week so here is a link to  short story which i like alot.

Have a greatday and weekend all.


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  1. there has been a lot of insomnia going around this week. It’s either the full moon arriving – last night I think – or our sleep patterns are up the pole due to watching the olympics.
    sleep tight 🙂

    • i go through periods where i just cannot sleep….normally around this time of the year……my head will not shut down….its awful as i am physically and mentally drained but cannot stop thinking about absolute rubbish….its like my whole metabolizm as gone haywire……and every tiny little sound is amplified to a great carcophany… drlves me crazy…i dislike noise at the best of times but when im like this its painfull……ive resorted to sleeping tablets for a night or two to try and restore normality.

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