pandoras toybox………..

Morning all

This is the toybox that we made for my grandaughters birthday. No her name is not really pandora .It took a lot longer than originaly expected because we really went to town on it so it was not ready for her actual birthday.I think it was worth the wait.

Here are an assortment of pictures of the building process

decor in the making

And blondie got her wish and is now an expert at the scroll saw

and the beautiful one concentrating really hard so as not to cut off her fingers

And yours truly getting down and dirty with touch ups

i still have all my fingers by the way

This was part of the original concept which changed partly as we went along

and here is the final product

for some reason i really like the birds

and the flowers

and this is how we presented it to her,full of balloons and a multitude of cheapo kids toys from the crazy store.


Ill show you some pics of her opening it all up at a later stage

Have a greatday all


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