wishing that spring would be sprung…..

Morning all

Well this guy left a like on my bog this morning and i checked out his blog which has inspired me and now i cannot wait till spring so i can get going again…….its freezing here in jhb this morning and the wind is blowing down the tarmac and freezing us all to death……….

roll on springtime


thanks greenhousestarter

Here are some pics of our last season in the greenhouse

As you can see we too like to chill out in the greenhouse with a drink or two whenever we can….it really is the most relaxed and rejuvinating place .

ok we didnt grow these on purpose but they are really pretty and therefore welcome to grow themselves when ever the fancy may take them

tadaaa…..you say tomatoe and ill say ….whatever.

we are going to expand our veggie patch considerably this season…cant wait for spring.

Have a great day all



18 responses

    • indeed…most relaxing….the greenhosue itself is a little small for my liking but i have a patch about the same size next to it and im going to double the size of this patch in the spring….yep spring seems ages away……..i hate hate hate despise detest winter…….

    • howdy ad…its freezing and snowing here right now….good fun being had though…not much work going on…we are all like kids….i went and stood out in the snow and now im frozen….but its worth it we dont see this everyday…..yes indeed bog…lol……..follow the link/……..

  1. Thanks for your kind mention! Your greenhouse looks amazing, really relaxing and yes i noticed the well deserved drinks in there! i like the way you have used string supports, they are really effective and that tomato (tomarto/tomayto) pyramid is great.

    • you are welcome…..we had so many tomatoes that we did not know what to do with them……we even resorted to the liquidizer and drank them…………they just sort of grow themselves now…………

        • yes its very hot here in the summer so all goes crazy….a greenhouse is not really needed here but it makes it possible to start earlier in the season and prolongs and protects from the frost and thereby further extends the season into the autumn and early winter…..i leave averything dormant during winter.

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