Morning all

Yeah ok i know all you south africans have heard more than enough about the snow and all you northern hemisphere lot couldnt really give a toss, but you just have to understand that down here it only snows about once every twenty years or so.I am forty five years old and have only seen snow on two previous occasions in my life and never as much as this….so its a big deal for us.

I have never taken pictures in the snow before and its a bit difficult as there is so much highlight and no contrast that the pictures just dont quite happen as i anticipate.Not to mention that the wind was blowing and my hands were frozen.

The kids had an sbso;ute ball and they were so engrossed that we didnt even get round to building the snowman that i intended……ah well we will get there in twenty years or so i suppose.


ive no idea where they learned this but they made “snow angels”

needless to say good fun was had

Have a greatday all


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  1. I like that Volla!! With many years spent in the northern hemisphere I did not miss the snow at all here in Cape Town, but granted my fellow country people their joy and pleasure.

    • yes….my dad was an englishman who spent the greater part of his working career on construction sites in northern england and he told me all about it….he swore that he would NEVER go back to england and never wanted to see snow ever again……………he was very passinate and had some very rude words inr his intense hatred of cold and particularly snow………..

    • i think hell has always been frozen over coz contrary to popular opinion hell is not a lake of fire ….it is infact a frozen lake into which the souls of the damned are frozen in eternal freezing cold agony………….a bit like the south pole.

  2. Oh, all these negative comments about snow! Love the stuff. It reminds me of cosy evenings around the fire, hot peasoup, and, yes, also the cold lino in our bedrooms!
    Geat pictures and that Volksie is to die for.

    • yeah i enjoyed the snow………but i know id get sick of it everyday……..that volksie is a piece of crap that i use to store fire wood in……i have 4 wrecked beetles in the garden……one is in a semi advanced state of complete rebuild but it has ground to a halt due to lack of interest……it may or may not get completed someday….

  3. Not a lot of snow in Southern California, but we took Jess to Mt. Ranier in Washington when she was young… very first snowball she ever threw hit me right in the nuts. We even have a picture of the moment it hit me. I need to find that and put it on the blog.

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