greatgod and the intergalactic sausage cannon……….

Howdy all

Yip you can tell from the title that its one of those days…..lucky you hey.

I ordered and paid for a sausage machine online a while back. Now  this consists of a meat mincer with a funnel type attachement for making sausages. So after doing a couple of laps around the circuit of eternity this thing arrives, only its missing the sausage attachement. The seller has informed me that the attachments that he has are such poor quality that he cannot despatch them and has offered me a refund…..i mean WTF people…..why the hell didnt he tell me this before i paid and placed my order….i now own a meat mincer which i purchased with the sole intent of making bloody sausages. WITHOUT THE SAUSAGE ATTACHMENT I CANT MAKE BLOODY SAUSAGES.

But have no fear, Being the rescourseful me that i be, i have made an alternate plan.We have this vuvuzela lying around that we used during the 2010 world cup and by cutting this off slightly larger than the diameter of the mincer and heating and folding the edge over i have managed to make a perfect sausage attachment.

The only problem is that this device is so damn funky that its way to good to be used as a mere sausage maker.

See what i mean? The possibilities are endless.

So some fun was had.

Fatty asked me what the hat was about but as any self respecting intergalactic cowboy knows… makes no diffrence if your at the south pole or the other end of the universe …your ears have got to be warm.

And BTW that guy with the spotty hat on in the picture behind me is my dad… you know where i get it from.

And just so you all know that im not the only fool in our house here is a picture of what the future of feministic inter galactic warfare looks like.

just a warning…it gets ugly from here onwards so if you are of a sensitive disposition i suggest you go no further

What have i done?….i have invented the fierces weapon in the universe…the intergalactic sausage cannon..just shows you dont dabble to deeply with science people…its gods realm …leave it in gods hands

This weapon is fierce indeed …i know as ive been shot with it many times…..and afterwards you get well and truely beaten up with a multitude of pillows…. lucky for me im thick skinned and morphed into the hulk….ok ill admit a somewhat pale version of the hulk but the hulk non the less….im going on holiday to mars next to work on that green tan thing.

Good fun has been had.

Well i guess thats enough talking of absolute crap for one day so ill leave you all to get on with your serious business.

Who knows i may even get round to making sausage someday.

Have a greatday all


16 responses

    • good idea hope…….and ive just realized you can still play music on it too…….which reminds me of 2010…..after about 10 beers i can play the german national anthem on the vuvu…..i believe beethoven wrote it……so im actually a classically trained vuvuzela player…cool hey.

  1. The anger became a sigh of relieve that turned into fear…The little lady looks really scary with that sausage cannon? And yes, why the hell did he not tell u in the first place?

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