sausages…….at last

Morning all

We finally got round to making some sausages.We have a couple of recipies but did not feel like going shopping for specific ingredients so we just sd hocked our way through with what we had.

These are beef sausages with a little bacon,cheese,leek peppercorns,garlic,corriander and mustard seed.

They tasted ok but  was a little lacking on the seasoning which made them a little boring but that shall be corrected…..trial and error.

So here is us celebrating our very first sausage ever…we were singing some ridiculous nonsense about being sausage tycoons or something.

I injured my back the day before lifting up a beetle  (dont ask) so i had to get my beautiful one to be the horsepower.

As with all things there is a learning curve and we learned alot yesterday……namely if you try to stuff the sausage to tightly it jams up and forces the meat backward through the grinder which turns the meat into an anemic looking paste…..the trick is to slowly pull the casing as it fills to relieve the pressure and enable it to fill up properly….took a little time to get this just right……also i can afford to shorten the funnel somewhat which will help considerably…..

beautiful one really enjoyed herself and heer she is displaying our handiwork

Check out that stylish (italian design) vice grip that we have for a door handle at the moment ….cool hey….ive bought a new set of handles but just havent got round to fitting them yet…..sausage making is much more fun and important.

Ok these two pictures just look darn right  pornographic

Well on the whole not a bad first bash at sausage making… can only get better and considerably more funky from here.

I shall be googling some recepies of which there are millions.

Have a greatday all






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