fancy dress and making a fool of myself ….again

Morning all

I have nothing to blog so here is a reblog from my previous defunked blog.

Yes im making a complete fool of myself once again …but hey i just dont care….makes no diffs if people are laughing at you or with you or both the important thing is that we all laugh.


As some of the more intelligent among you may have realized, greatgod is not really my name but merely and alias….The true fact is that in the real everyday world i am actually a superhero and i come from a planet far ,far away.On my home planet i am affectionatly known as pooperman………….

As you all can see im rather fierce and mean and have a certain aire of authority about me, so you dont wanna get on the bad side. And yes i can fly,but bieng a superhero and all i have a tendancy to fly through brick walls and things so i have been forbidden from flying indoors.

Now obviously i need to function in normal society from time to time so i have to dressdown a little in order to blend in with the locals

Yes fionula i do have the big red balls to match

here is one of myself and fatty in a much more serious pose

imagine that?

Ive been on this planet for rather a long time and have been involved

in my fair share of conflicts, but i try to avoid these these days and this is 

now just a hobby until you guys get the technology right which enables me to

repair my ship and go home.

anyone for a game of blitzkreig?

i have however made some good freinds whilst ive been here

This is drake my most handsome bestest friend ever

Some miserable bastard poisoned drake in order to gain access

to the property so they could steal a worthless motor bike.

May that bastard burn in hell..but this is a happy day so enough of that

We still miss and love you my boy)

drake too had to go about in disguise

And sweet tammy girl can fly too…although she is a lot fatter now

and struggles with the take off bit

Then there is the invincible blondie who is just never quite sure which planet shes on

but she sure plays a mean air guitar

Ok sorry girls i dont have any pink leotard pics to show you but you did get the nazi helmet.

we are also fond of gardening but alas i could not find the bill and ben the flower pot men pictures…..maybe later

Well ive gone and made a total fool of myself for the whole world to see but i dont mind

I know  ill never live this one down and therefore will not try to…instead ill throw down the gauntlet to all you adventurous bloggers out there to do better…………..

have a greatday and a marvellous weekend all.



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