great harry and other oldies……….

Morning all

I have this pile of really old magazines that have been floating around my home ever since i can remember

Many of them are falling to pieces and the pages are yellow and decayed and crumbling to pieces but many others are still in relatively good condition.

They smell absolutly fantastic.

This one is dated february 25th 1939.

I am considering building this model.

they come with full plans which are too large to scan 

The  quaility of the pics is a little poor but i am battling to get them right and i dont have all day.

I also have other ship designs

this one is dated december 12th 1936

I also like this one

This is HMS revenge

This ship has a very interesting history

It  seems this link may not be working but if you are interested google hms revenge 1577 

These magazines i have date from 1936 until midway through 1942 and it is interesting to note how the content becomes more and more militaristic as the war progresses ,with more and more military aircraft, ship and other weapon models. Understandable i suppose. Also there are many articles that deal with the war at home with things like how to make blackout curtains and bits of furniture that double as bomb shelters etc .  Also many instruction on repairing and obtaining substitute materials for things that are scarce or unobtainable due to rationing .Lots of veggie gardening ideas and powdered eggs.

Very interesting to see society changing from the easy going 1936 to the thrifty,carefull world at war a few years later.

Being south african i found this interesting

Also on the back page the central news agency,johannesburg is listed as the south african distributor.Im certain that this is the same CNA that we all know so well until today.

Have a greatday and weekend all.


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  1. You have just reminded me that we have a suitcase full of old newspapers, scrapbooks and postcards collected by my FIL and every winter we say we will get it out and go through it and we never get to it. Once you get immersed it is so fascinating that you forget all about time passing, actually need a week to do it properly.

    • there are so interesting articles that the modern world does not use anymorw….people back then were really into ties…..there are designs for tie racks,presses,irons,straightners,defluffers etc etc……ties were a bit like cell phones.

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