Morning all

This is where fatty and i have decieded to go on honeymoon……We are camping people so all the fancy chalets,eating places and services dont hold any interest for  us at all……


we are far more interested in the hiking and the nature that surrounds this area……


Looks really beautiful and i cant wait

We have decieded to leave the kids at home for reasons of economy and peace and quite….this is after all our honeymoon and screeching ,moaning ,whining brats are not wanted………….peace and quite for a whole week……heaven.

The kids are a little peed off with us but tough shit……you dont always get what you want ,life is tough so get used to it…………its OUR honeymoon not yours……….im sure youll get your chance to go on honeymoon someday…..now im sure you dont want your dad tagging along now do you?……….haha

Have a greatday all


36 responses

  1. I went camping for my honeymoon 6 million years ago. In Sodwana.
    Like camping fine, even like blokes fine.
    Going on honeymoon ever again? Not likely!!
    Enjoy the trip Pan 😉

      • Why on earth would I WANT to?
        have not met a single man that I would even think of making that kind of commitment for!! Heavens! Can’t even imagine it!
        And I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for such silly things.
        Nope, think I’ll just hole up in my bat-cave and be by myself – much safer that way!!

          • The more I’m on my own, the more I’m getting used to it.
            Sure, I’d love to find somebody that’s worth knowing, and finds me the same.
            unfortunately, the cretins I’m meeting these days makes me want to run far away from males!!
            Until that changes, no honeymoons for me thank you very much 😉

            • im with you….i too am not the most people loving person on this planet….many idiots of both sexes……..ive spent lots of time on my own in the past and there are times when being too cerebral and getting inside your own head becomes detremental to your own mental health………

              • Be that as it may – me, my books and my tunes – I don’t really need more than that 😉
                It’s close to 15 years that I’ll be on my own – might be difficult to get used to somebody else in my space constantly and forever!

  2. Well good on you for going without the kids. Enjoy your hiking etc.
    If I ever were to get married again, also not likely (like Ghia) it would have to be on a cruise ship for a year 😉

    • i would be bored stiff on a cruize ship after two days……i hate casinos……fancy eating places,razz mataz, people serving me and all that shyte………i think by the third day i may just jump overboard ………lol

  3. I think camping is a great choice for a honeymoon as long as its what you both want and enjoy. What can be more romantic than sitting next to the campfire with a glass of wine, the stars above and the love of your life next to you?

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