i have a new toy……………..

Howdy all

Well ive not been around for a while ….just not been into blogging latly…i guess a change is as good as a holiday.

So here is my new toy

Its called a hoyt vtec and it is really cool and shoots really accurately. The draw weight is adjustable between 60 -70 lbs so its quite powerful. I have it set closer to the 60 lbs end as im not such a big man and this takes considerable strength. I battled to draw the bow at first but ive learned that a lot of it is technique and not so much brute strength. You have to train yourself to use that muscle that runs down the side of your back and not your arms only. I have to say that this left me rather stiff and sore in the beginning but im getting used to it and can now fire about a dozen arrows before it starts to get sore and then i start to shake and the the arrows become innaccurate…but im getting there…..practice makes perfect.

I am really pleased with this toy as it is super powerful and very accurate and i will increase the poundage as i get stronger…..a beautiful piece of equiptment indeed.

If any of you people are interested in bowS i strongly recommend that you go have a chat with these guys.


These guys gave me really good service. I walked into the shop with almost no knowledge of what i wanted and they went out of their way to find what i wanted. Iย spent about three hours in the shop whilst they fitted the bow out to my specific physique, strength and price range.ย etc .Then they took me to their shooting range and taught me the basics of how to use it and tweaked it further to hone my skills.

It is a long time since ive experienced such great service in south africa….thanks guys.

Have a greatday all

edit……oh and i forgot….i got a cool free hat too……….with an apple on it…….roll on william tell……….i tried to convince my step daughter to stand in the garden with an apple on her head but shes not going for it….silly girl.


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