o haupt voll blut und wunden…..

Morning all

Here is one of my all time ever favourite pieces of music by  my very all time favouirite musician ….ever……rock on J S BACH.

I cant explain why i like this piece of music so much other than to say that it takes me to another place  that is far removed from this nasty, ugly world in which we live.


And this is the post that inspired me to post it.


Have a greatday all

edit……and here is another one just for the hell of it……this time by handel….all i have to say about this is…absolutly beautiful.



u huh…edit no 2……….and just so that you all know that i have not gone all weirdo like and started wearing powdered wigs and tights……..



19 responses

  1. Have to say, Bach and Handel is not my most fav composers, but the tunes you chose are quite beautiful. I prefer Chopin and Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Prokofiev, Vivaldi 😉
    As for the souljacker song, cool – but is that dude’s beard for real?

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