preamble to the rest of my life…..

Morning all

Well im getting married tomorrow morning. Up until now ive not considered this as any big deal at all but ive gotta admit im quite excited.

The girls are all very excited too especially about the fact that their surname will be changing to mine and i will become their “real” dad

They were practicing their new signatures last night and are very excited about this, They did not quite get the concept though because they started telling me what they wish to change their first names too?….things like jade and charpey and beyonce and such nonsense were mentioned and i had to explain to them that no we are not changing their first names but only their surname….very cute.

I did however have a little fun with them by insisting that im going to change their names to ethel and gertrude….they were not very impressed with these names and i teased and milked it to the max….good fun.

So ill be away on my honeymoon for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully ill have something interesting to blog about when i get back instead of just cut and paste music.

Im looking forward to the time out, time to do nothing but what i wish or time to do absolutly nothing at all….a rare commodity indeed

I may actually get round to taking some cool pictures again.

see you all in a couple of weeks.

Have a greatday all


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