old vavi fool recons that the private sector must invest more money in south africa?………….why?

Who in their right minds is gonna invest their money in a sinking ship that is sailing dangerously close to  the edge of the world with a bunch of raving ignorant lunatics at the helm?

You would probably get more sense, integrity and a better return on your money if you cast your lot with  davy jones and the living dead on the flying dutchman.

haha arghhh me hearties….food for thought and a little social ,economic satire just because i can…..

yo ho ho…….now youll have to excuse me as ive got a wedding to attend……………..


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  1. Happy sailing GGP. May the waters be as quiet and as smooth as a mirror on a lake without wind. Lift your masts up high and sail into the horizon. Congrats GGP, may live treat u and your new bride well.

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