Morning all

This is a buddy that we made whilst we were on honeymoon, His name is hardy for obvious reasons


He woke us up at the crack of dawn right next to our tent on our first day because as many of you know these birds are the absolute most noisy of all gods creations.

Now hardy has a problem in that he has some fishing line wrapped around one of his legs and it looked rather swollen so we did something that we would never ever do in normal circumstances……we fed a wild animal as it appeared that he may have been struggling a little and a good breakfast would set him in good stead to make it through the day….we fed him some bread.

He hung around for quite awhile very close by to us and as the sun started getting hot he went on about his daily routine.

Lo and behold the next morning he was there waking us up again and we fed him some baked potatoe that we had left over from the night before. Wow did  he enjoy potatoe .This carried on every morning whilst we were there and hardy became almost tame and was not afraid of us at all.  He did however keep a safe distance of about a meter away from us. I attempted to get closer with the intention of trying to remove the fishing line from his foot but there just was no way that he was gonna allow me to touch him. Hardy was very friendly though and even carried on a type of low grunting conversation with us.

Hardy also appears to be quite hardy as his leg was looking a little better by the time we left and it appeared as if he may have been able to remove some of the fishing line from his foot by his own devices. Anyway i hope we may have helped to save his life by giving him that little bit of extra nutrition every morning in his time of need.

Of course we have no way of knowing if he will survive but i feel confident that he will.

Im glad our paths crossed hardy and i wish you well.

Please note that i do not generally condone the feeding of wild animals.

Is he (or she) not beautiful in his own rough scruffy kind of way?

Rock on hardy

Have a greatday all


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