i like birds……..and other optical ramblings….

Morning all

Ok so lets start with the optical ramblings

I eventualy have aquired myself a bigger lens.

This is a sigma 150-500 zoom lens……..but quite frankly up till now im not really all that impressed with the pictures ive taken.It is the lower end of the price range and the lens is rather heavy and very slow but its early days and i am slowly learning how to use it within its limitations.Very hard to keep this thing still and the depth of field is generally very narrow which means it takes plenty of patience to take in focus pictures of my particular subject matter which be very small birds which never keep still…..

I am really spoilt when it come to optical devices and these are the reason why……

I inherited these from my dad and he had them ever since i can remember so i reason that they were manufactured in the late 60s early 70s. These binoculars are absolulty first class,superb,fantastic,tremendous.The image quality is out of this world.I have been looking at binos latly as i wish to buy a smaller pair for hiking but nothing ive looked at compares to these soviet glasses.Infact everything ive seen is utter crap in comparison.Even my new lense is crap in comparison as are all most all of my lenses. So people just know that the stuff you are buying in your local shopping malls are shite.

I have been lead to believe that soviet technology was generally inferior to western technology but these are a definite exception to that rule, if  there is such a rule.

Ok now to the birds

This guy is building a nest in the yukka in my front garden

I spent days watching and taking pics of this guy whilst on honeymoon.From sunup to sun down he never stops and never keeps still for more that half a second.He must be really exhausted when he goes to bed at night. He is very small and very difficult to take pictures of.

Actually there were two of them and they had a nest in a clump of grass growing in the river. This is as close as i could get and i had to sit in the freezing cold mountain stream freezing my ass and my bollocks off for over an hour  to get this picture.I think it was more or less worth the effort.

Ok i know tis is a really crap picture but im really pleased that i saw this guy, very small, shy, skitish,and secretive. I just could not pin him down or get close enough and this picture was a hasty snap taken without any thought at all. Just after i took this he dived into the stream,quick as lightning and fley of with something in his beak.He is really super beautiful through the binoculars.

And here are just a few random pics of beautiful things i saw on my honeymoon.


This is apparently fossilized moss that is located on the roof of the sudwala caves….

and i found this perfect specemin in the same forest

so…..here it is………I LIKE BIRDS



  •  I can’t look at the rocket launch
  • The trophy wives of the astronauts
  • And I won’t listen to their words
  • ‘Cause I like birds
  • I don’t care for walking downtown
  • Crazy auto-car gonna mow me down
  • Look at all the people like cows in a herd
  • Well, I like birds
  • If you’re small and on a search
  • I’ve got a feeder for you to perch on
  • I can’t stand in line at the store
  • The mean little people are such a bore
  • But it’s alright if you act like a turd
  • ‘Cause I like birds
  • If you’re small and on a search
  • I’ve got a feeder for you to perch on


Have a greatday all


12 responses

  1. Looks like much fun was had on this honeymoon Pan 😉
    I saw a suikerbekkie in my garden the other day – just saw, no photo, but it’s enough that he was there 😉

    • me too sarchy…i spend many hours in my veggie garden ,my favourite place just pottering and watching birds and all other weird and wonderful bugs and other living things….most relaxing place on earth…..

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