i has new toy…….

Gooday all

Well i bought myself a very fancy phone over the weekend which is absolutly superb even though i dont know how it works yet…..and im shit scared to use it as ive already blown a whole load of money on the internet…i guess this is a learning curve though and i shall get the hang of it as i go……you can talk to this phone and it talks back to you…wow its amazing and a little confuzing trying to figure it all out……so once i get the hang ill never be left in the wilderness again……im taking it all easy right now as its running pro rata until the contract activates at the begining of november an i dont wish to give them any more money if i dont have to……wow ill be able to post video and all kinds of stuffs now……i made a really funny self portrait come horror movie video over the weekend which i shall attempt to post……i can see im gonna make a right royal fool out of myself with this thing and loads of fun is gonna be had……its awesome……..gonna have to find new ways to post  and download for free……i believe certain places (macdonalds) have free wi fi?…..only problem with that is that i might have to eat a god damn awful cardboard hamburger………mind you kids would enjoy it……

Have a greatday all..


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