friday blabber….

Morning all

I am not feeling so hot .Seems weve gone into that sinusutus sore eye,constant headache season and it really sucks.I wish the weather would make up its mind and finally become real summer.

So whilst im having great fun with this wonderful new phone of mine it is becoming obvious that it is a rather expensive pastime going on the internet and watching and listening to all kinds of wonderful fantastic things and im gonna have to slow down or go bankrupt.

I am battling a little with the phone as when i try to post text and pictures the pictures screw up all the text…ill get there.Any advise here?

Other than this i really have nothing to say,My wit and shyte spouting ability are some what subdued by the fact that i have a headache from hell that just wont go away no matter how many tabs i take (in other words im stoned but still have a headache)  and my eyes feel like they are on fire.

Have a great weekend all


7 responses

  1. Have sex – apparently it helps for head aches…
    Mobile internet is quite a bit more expensive than broadband! Thought you knew this!!
    Hope the cold gets better soon Pan 😉

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