death by nature….

Gooday all

I have read and cant stop thinking about two articles that i have read on the news 24 site….yes i know i should not read that shyte…but i have and what is done cannot be undone.

The first article was about a hiker who died one table mountain or there abouts, Now there is something wrong here, but before i go on i wish to state that i mean no insult to the people who died.if anything i wish to prevent others from getting into problems. According to members of his family this guy was a well seasoned and experienced hiker yet he was on a dangerous part of a mountain,the article indicated something along the lines of a cliff or steep slope,with no adequate equipment or no equipment at all,in the dark?Further more it indicates that he ignored some warnings about approaching darkness. This is not in line with the general practices of an experience and well seasoned hiker who would undoubtably been aware never to behave in such a reckless manner on a mountain.There is also a hint about suicide which is all that makes sense if he was a well seasoned hiker.

Now the second article is more what im interested in. It is the article about the south african who died of thirst in the australian outback. Now i have some personal experience about this as i did military training in upington and spent months out in a desert region that is not so very diffrent (apart from the size) to the australian outback.I have under gone extensive training and acclimatization on surviving in hot, arid desert areas. We were well drilled ,rehearsed ,brainwashed, informed and trained in how NOT to die of heat exhaustion,dehydration and sun stroke, all of which can kill you a lot quicker that you realize.

I have undergone controlled experiments of water depravation in extreme heat. I have walked over 20 km in order to obtain just one lousy liter of boiling hot dirty water,i have drank water out of a large dirty puddle full of cowshit….and believe me the walk and the cowshit water were well worth the effort.

The effect of limited dehydration are extreme to say he least,so thirsting to death must be absolute hell,
After about six hours without water you are basically insane,you are irritable and eventually become aggressive,you see things and become delusional.This is dangerous for a bunch of well armed boys.
All that you can think about is water and you will do anything to get it,nothing else exists. It is not a pleasant experience.Luckily for me it was a controlled situation and we were never really in any danger of thirsting to death.It does however leave a lasting memory in your mind and you cannot ever take water completely for granted ever again.This is why i have to comment on the article.

So people be carefull out there in nature, be it mountain or desert or anywhere else ,she is a bitch and has no respect for you humaness,your ideals,your ethics or you morals ,your creed or race or culture or religion.She is truely the most beautiful and most ruthless bitch of all and she will kill you whilst you are not looking.
Respect her,follow her rules and be prepared and dont be an idiot (no disrespect to anyone intended) when you go out there.

Have a greatday all


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    • yip…..i dont understand suicide at all…..totally contrary to every thing that nature is…..nature will hold out against all odds in an effort to survive regardless of the odds…….daisies through concrete….

  1. I too wondered at why someone would go up that mountain path after dark…no sense…I will go find the australian article…At least here where I am there is an abundance of water!!

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