civil war…..

Howdy all

Fatty and I had a fight….a big serious, mean ,nasty and violent fight….it started out as an argument and actually ended up as a real physical fight…….wow imagine two middle aged responsible grown up adults bitching and brawling like a bunch of spoilt little kid brats……scary shyte.

We did not speak to each other for four days after that apart from swearing at and insulting each other……passageway sex I believe this is called….even though we don’t have a passageway.

This however started to become very boring and frustrating so we called a truce and deceided that we are both a pair of raving nutjobs who both have a very mean and formidable stubborn streak when people step on our toes ,a formidable team when we stand together but totally self destructive when we stand opposed.

We have concluded that civil war is indeed very stupid and a very vicious, dangerous , destructive and deadly pastime that is well worth keeping clear of. Civil war is like a contagious and very malicious virus that spreads rapidly to corrupt your mind. its a lot like rabies and needless to say is not civil at all. It ends up corrupting your soul and making you hate and despise and hurt the very people that you love. It consumes you and forces you to dislike your own soul and to be ashamed of who you really are….…….

Funny thing is that neither fatty or I can really remember what the original argument was about?….yes we had been drinking. In the heat of the moment you see red and things become a sort of blur where and certain events remain fixed in your mind but attempting to put these event back into sequence and chronological order is difficult and makes it impossible to isolate the original cause. I can however say that whatever it was it must surely have been really serious and important for it to leave such large impact in our memory banks….lol…….i think it may be a brakpan thing….then again it could be over exposure to the burnt plastic fumes that blow on down from the recycling “factory” that runs at the squatter camp.

So we decieded that it was irrelevant, kissed and hugged, had fantastic sex and life is now back on its normal productive course as it should be.

So now that we have learned this important lesson about civil war the only thing that we have to do now is teach the rest of south Africa this and life will be almost perfect.

We are a pair of raving fucking lunatics who are well suited to each other..

Make love not war people

Have a greatday all ……


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  1. Allrighty then.
    We have brakpanner in our midst. Guess that means I can’t make Brakpan jokes?
    As for civil war, and drinking and brawling – that would be reason #32 why I’m glad to be single and a teetotaller…
    Sure, life might be slightly less fun, but way more tranquil!

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