summertime…and the cacti are blooming..

Howdy all

This is what greeted me on my patio this morning…beautiful but does not last long. On the other side of the patio the honeysuckle is in full bloom and the whole place is smelling wonderful……its really hot …just as i like it…..long live summer.

Come to think of it isnt the fig tree supposed to be blossoming soon?

I intended posting some other pictures but the downloader is just hanging endlessly so this is it.

Have a greatday all


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  1. I don’t think figtrees actually make blossoms – mine just get fruit. Which I never get to eat!!
    As for the cacti – be careful that thing gets bigger than a tree!! But it is a beautiful sight when they flower.
    Indeed, summer is with us!!

    • haha… fig trees dont blossom but there is a verse in the bible (revelations i think) that refers to the end of the world and a blossoming fig tree is one of the warning signs……that cacti you see above is in a pot so its growth is limited.

        • indeed …we have forgotten that we are infact natural too….weve lost touch with our own souls….humans are confuzed as can be……and looking arou8nd the world today its not difficult to see some huge balancing act taking place sooner or latert…nature will keep us within the natural order of things regardless……….just note that it is the large mammals and primates that are dying out by the hundreds of species…….we are both mammals and primates…….speaks volumes.

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