summertime once again….

Howdy all

Well last night when i got home it was really hot so i went and sat in the bestest place in the whole world,my greenhouse in the bottom of the garden,and had a couple of beers,absolutly beautiful and superbly peacefull.I sat and watched the sun go down and listend to all the birds chattering and chunting as they came home to roost in the trees next to the dam.As it got dark it was still really hot and the nocturnal birds came out and started there abundent chattering and chunting accompanied by the craoking of what must be millions of frogs and other nocturnal water creatures.It was overwhelmingly loud and just goes to show how many other creatures we share this planet with,Most of them go totally unseen by us most of the time.

Our garden is in full bloom and is growing with incredable abundance,withing the last couple of weeks mother nature has expended  vast amounts of energy and produced millions of tone of foilage and flowers etc…and she does this almost un noticed.Their are flowers and saplings and fruits and insects,rodents and reptiles everywhere….an amazing spectacle of natures power.absolutly beautiful…..and we think that we will destroy nature…what a joke…us pathetic humans being in out illusions of grandeur……the most intelligent species on the planet?….hahahahah…..she will crush us without blinking an eye.The most evloved species?…bullshit…if evolution is so largely geared to adapting to the surrounding enviroment then in an enviroment that can only support one celled organizms the one celled is infact the most evolved.

rock on nature …..may you crush our pathetic human ego trip.

I was going to post some pics of the sunset and the flowers but my machine that supposedly represents our higher level of divinity is not working properly and wont allow it…… usual…hahahah….nothing manmade is worth the trees they cut down to make it.


Have a great day all


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  1. I did exactly the same last night 😉
    Only I did not sit in a greenhouse, but under my big tree in my back yard. Did not drink beer, but coffee, and read my book 😉
    But, later, when the power went out, I heard all the frogs in the spruit close to my house, little owls – it is a magical season to be alive.
    You’re right. nature will prevail long after we’re not even a smudge!!

    • where are you?………we could do with a little rain as the heat is begining to dry things out considerable….it keeps threatening but not producing…maybe later to day……we tend to have these very noisy and violent lightining and thunderstorms in the late afternoon round here……

  2. Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? I like fairies. I think they are pretty. And sparkly. I like sparkly things. Except sparkly vampires. That’s just lame.

    • im sure there may well be……but ive given up on taking fairy dust a long time ago and i believe they are shy and dont show themselves to non fairy dust takers……..i prefer more greusome blood soaked hatchet or chainsaw baring vampires myself…..

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