Howdy all

Well i had a little fun last night so did not get to sit in my garden as intended….but i will tonight. As we were leaving the airport the clutch cable on the van snapped, right in the middle of the very busy traffic light that runs under the freeway at the cargo section .Luckily i managed to keep going so that i could turn off into the service road an not end up blocking the whole intersection down.

Fortunatly for us one of fatties work colls stopped to help and of the two of them went to get another clutch cable whilst i attempeted to do a temporary splice in case they did not find one…..fat chance of that as all i got was a failed attempt that was not strong enough and snapped as soon as i presesed the clutch…..and i got many little puncture wounds on my hand in the process…those steel cables are nasty little buggers.

Anyway fatty and co got back about an hour an a half later with a clutch cable. They had been on quite a journey as all the spares places were closed but luckily for us they found an engineering place open that quickly made up a cable for us .Fatty is a genius. Ok it was not quite perfect and i had to dispence with the washers and the rubber stopper thingy to make it fit but it saved our bacon and was fitted within 15 minites or so. Quite difficult with nothing but a really shitty cheapo chinese vice grip and a kitchen knife and a cell phone as a light.

I had been hoping for some rain up until that point but was glad that it did not materialize.Needless to say we got home rather late so it was beans on toast and viennas for supper……and plenty farting in bed. But alls well that end well and i shall get into my greenhouse tonight.

Have a greatday all


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  1. I’ve had a few of those breakdowns myself.
    Some I could fix, some I could not, then it’s either get Brother in law to come and tow me, or get a tow company to roadlift me and the car home – such is life 😉
    Glad you made it home safely, enjoy the garden tonight!

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