Howdy all

I find that i am bored of blogging of late and i think the great difficulty of manipulating this useless computer has a lot to do with it. it has become increasingly difficult for me to post anything of any value. I have recalled other periods in my three years or so of blogging when this has occured. I think that it may be the whole end of the year thingy and im just tired and cannot seem to wrap my mind around anything.

I also know the cure ,if i just go on here right now as i am doing …rambling so to speak …i actually have no doubt that at the end of this something semi worthwhile will develop, Weird how the human mind works. So blogging actually at this momemt in time has become like a up hill battle and all im doing now is just plodding on putting one foot in front of the other. This is incidently exactly the same way i go up hill when im hiking. Now going up hil is physically very hard work but it sure as hell beats going down hill which is also physically hard work just in reverse. The thing with going downhill though is that you also have to mentally be aware of every step you make as falling down is so much easier as you own momentum is already taking you down.

So what did i do this weekend?….not much but at the same tie quite a lot. Ive got these broken down packaging cases that ive been putting up in the greenhouse as trellises .Now i knock every alternate plank out of the panels in order to create the trellises so i have all these extra planks laying around and being the waste not want knot kind of guy that i am i just had to find something to do with them. This is not really a problem as i could just keep them until the winter and burn them in the fireplace but i developed this idea of weaving them together in order to make more trellises.

They look quite cool ,if i dont say so myself ,but now i have a dillemma as ive already finished putting up the trellises in the greenhouse and now have a shit load of additional, even better looking trellises which i have no idea what im gonna do with… isnt life a bitch hey. I think i may creosote them and attempt to sell them or swap them for compost at the local nursery.

Apart from that i had a very chilled out weekend pottering in the veggy garden which is coming one an absolute treat with certain produce starting to come into fruit and actually delivering for the table. Cant wait till a couple of months from now when im picking armfulls of allsorts every night and not knowing what to do with it, Ive already stocked up on a 20 ltre bottle of vinigar for all the pickling thats gonna go down.

OK so thats not too bad for an of the top of my head ramble…..what do you think?……gotta get my blogger mojo back somehow.

Gonna put up the christmas lights this weekend….i love christmas. We are staying home this year ,first time for a long time so some good old cooking on the fire will be going on, Fatty and i have decieded that we are gonna buy a whole hind quarter of a cow which should be interesting, We can then make biltong,sausages and have one awesome roast and a good few steaks . Cant wait. We have bought whole pigs and sheep before but never anything as monsterous and intimidating  as most of a cow. its a little intimidating……

Anyway gotta go bfore this compu crap crashes and all this becomes in vain…..

Have a greatday all


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  1. I’m always home on Christmas. Never go away…
    As for the ramble – that’s exactly what a blog is about – rambling until you get something down.
    As for your trellisses – I have stuff that’s busy turning into compost…And bougainvilla that will need something to grow on…

  2. There you go, a whole blog written in a minute! Well done. It’s time to wind down and enjoy the year-end rest and the upcoming festivities.
    Nice to be able to grow your own veggies, I wish I could. I still have some painting to do, but was waiting for warmer weather (any excuse will do)
    Now I must find a topic to blog about 😉

  3. I can’t remember the last time I bought a hindquarter of beef, must be well over 30 years ago. Perhaps I should consider it again as I just hung over 3Kgs of biltong on the weekend. We’ll be at our holiday home for Christmas so will definitely be braaing something – maybe a whole fillet or a butterflied leg of lamb. Wish I could mount a raid on your veggie garden 😉

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