oh what a wonderful morning……

oh what a wonderful day.

Morning all

The weather is superb this morning an im going into holiday christmas mode…even though im working right through and we are not going on holiday.

Sunshine,beer,beef,lamb,gammon,whiskey,wine,sherry,puddings galore….all these things are just over the horizon…cant wait.

Christmas lights an yo ho ho……….excited giggly kids…….this year is gonna be cool as piccaloo (my grandaughter) has now reached the age where she is lucid so she will actually see and enjoy the lights an all the goodies……her first christmas that she will actually remember.

cool hey

yo ho ho

Have a greatday all


7 responses

  1. so very good to hear you are looking forward to the festive season and all the fun it brings with. It all seems rather dull down here in Cape Town. Although I am rather glad that Boney M hasn’t reared it’s head YET!

    Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 05:44:47 +0000 To: ruth2day@hotmail.com

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