prickly pears and other forbidden fruit…..

Morning all

A couple of weeks back we went to the nursery up the road and they had these tiny little cacti in these tiny little pots,very cute and fatty and i are very much into cacti. So i chose myself a really cute cacti and instructed all the girls to choose one to, the only condition was that they all had to choose diffrent ones as the ultimate aim is to propogate further cacti at a later stage. And that was that.

Now last night fatty and i were pottering about in the green house as we do every evening.I was sipping on a beer and fatty a glass of wine and the girls were loafing around, getting in our way and talking our heads off about allsorts of whatever, such be young girls.

I was fiddeling around with some cacti that i have grown from seed and took a sip of beer when out of the blue the beautiful one tells us that she has decieded to name her cacti cactipussy!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF!!!!!!!!!………….I JUST ABOUT CHOKED TO DEATH ON MY BEER………no prizes for guessing what went through my mind. I always sort of thought that drowning in beer might be a good way to go but i have changed my mind.

When i recovered from my near death experience i noticed that fatty too had a huge grin on her face, the girls were laughing their heads off at the fact that i nearly choked to death but actually had no idea what the real joke was about. Wow that absolute innocence is a beautiful thing……..and i chose to leave them in their ignorance.

Well needless to say i hope i never have a run in with a cactipussy …its just to awful to contemplate .Militant feminism comes to mind right about now but i suppose barbed wire pussy would be a more apt description of that particular scenario. Non the less the end result would probably be just as awful.For some reason triffids come to mind here?……but that  thought is probably better left un thought…….ooooh too late i guess.

Ok so my imagination is going wild now so id best stop as this is a family blog and not an army barracks or a perverted sci fi journal.

Have a greatday all and keep away from those pricky pears.


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