pubic disclaimer……

Howdy all

What with it being mowvember and all i have noticed a couple of articles and debates regarding the status and condition of ladies furry bits.  Now being as i personaly shall probably never meet ,see naked or have sexual relationships with at least 99.99999999999999%*of the women on this planet i can only conclude that the size ,length, shape, texture, colour, hygeine ,smell, taste, stick between the toothliness,decoration or lack of any of the above, of your fanny hairs is of no concern to me whatsoever.

So ladies whatever floats your individual boats is perfectly fine by me.

*..please note that this figure is an estimate off the top of my head and has not been scientifically proven,tested or verified.Neither has this  number been published in any scientific journal or undergone any form of peer review or independant verification.Any readers using this figure for any purpose what so ever do so at their own risk and i accept no responsiblity for any losses incured or any injuries or fatalities that may result.

Have a greatday all


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