Howdy all

So what shall i blog about today?………….

Nothing comes to mind so i guess its time to just ramble, We put up all the christmas decorations this weekend,all the lights on the patio and the huge white christmas tree on the patio too .It looks really cool as usual. Im considering buying a few more rope lights to put up the tree as the red ones and the blue ones are no longer working .I mean you cant have christmas without red light now can you,

We also bought a hind quarter on saturday, a shit load of meat indeed  ,50 odd kilograms.It was very interesting watching them cut all this up and the blockman really knew what he was doing. They labelled some of it as stewing beef, now stewing beef in my experience is normally shitty little pieces of meat  ,left overs so to speak, but these are basically steaks which i made into biltong yesterday.Next weekend im gonna make sausages for us to burn over christmas….busy checking out for a cool recipe right now…ive got a huge pile of  T bones too…yummy….i think we will do this again as its way way cheaper than buying from the supermarket and you can control the quality of the cuts yourself.  And there is non of that deceptive packaging with the good cuts on top and all the crap underneath that you get at the supermarket…got the meat and im gonna eat.

That was about it this weekend as the weather was all rainy like and i held of watering the garden waiting for the rain that never came. At least it came last night, we loafed about listening to solid gold on the radio and some cool music was heard and some cool memories too. And i have to say they played two carpenters songs and whilst im not a carpenters fan per say i cannot help but comment on the voice and the high quality of the lady carpenters singing…superb singer….great clarity …and high proffesionalism….pity much of the music these days is so devoid of any musical ability….carpenter chick was up there with the very best voices without a shadow of a doubt…..pity she left us so soon…..

Have a greatday all


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  1. I used to go to a proper butchery, but the meat has become too expensive there.
    I’m lucky that my local supermarkets often comply with my request to let me have just one pork chop instead of buying a packet of 2 or 3.
    I remember the days when a hind quarter would last 3 months for ordinary consumption.

    • yes it will last us a while too……but we side line it into biltong which is an expensive hobby……….making your own sausages is also very interesting as it is so versatile and you can tweak them however you please….and experiment with the weird and wonderful that you would never be able to buy.

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